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The Lobo Den Podcast

Sep 13, 2021

We have Aurora's own Ken Flores a.k.a Too Skinny from "Talking My Sh*t" podcast (I'm on episode 109) We talk about his dad getting jacked in Humboldt Park (probably Puerto Rican’s), fighting Jonathan in middle school and the kid I kind pushed with the Forest Gump leg brace I’m middle school (oops). Too Skinny almost overdosed the other week but luckily he's still with us because he will be headlining The Comedy Shrine September 24 & 25 headlining for the first time. Also, he will be performing at "La Kalle" in Beach Park my neck of the woods with some killers including Em Brown (ep. 66) , Abi Sanchez (ep. 33), Schmitty B (ep. 67 & 97) , Anthony Fuentes (ep. 89)

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